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Share house with 3 kids + baby in the happiest prefecture, Fukui!

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Attracted by the overwhelming beauty of Fukui’s sea, mountains, and sky, and amazed by the delicious rice, sake, and water, I moved here from the Kansai region because of the abundance of nature within easy to reach. You can also enjoy the changes of the four seasons.

With the goal of “spending time together and learning together,” we live freely and comfortably with our children. Our ideal is to live happily in a comfortable environment, being in contact with nature, learning from the Japanese way of careful living, and being inspired by our multi-generational and multi-national members.

3 Key Points

1Host’s introduction 
We have three children, a baby (expecting this fall), + a roommate who live with us, we living together fulfill with happiness. Sometimes there are short-term stays by foreigners. Our occupation is an employee of an NPO for international volunteer activities and a mothering.
2You can interact with people like this! 
The surrounding area is residential and has good access to all parts of the city. I don’t think there is any inconvenience in daily life. We have opportunities to get involved with local people at each regions. So that I can also introduce you to people of various genres in and outside of Fukui Prefecture.
3You can experience like this!
Experience of the international volunteer work in Japan and abroad, expertise in natural child-rearing and making preserved foods. Also, knowledge of wood and construction-related fields. The idea is enjoying a delicious meal together with a friendly atmosphere.
Must like children. Anyone who is willing to play with children before and after dinner is welcome. If you can wash dishes after dinner, it would be very helpful.
We are opening a shared office & event space in 2022, so people interested in planning and developing the space are also welcome.

House Rule

Having friends over, Staying out or coming home late at night, Hosting Friends
Accepting Pets, Indoor Smoking, Outdoor Smoking

Host Area

 2 reviews
A fulfilling stay filled with happiness with the children.

Thank you for the two weeks! It was truly a joy to spend each day in the warm and lively Mizuguchi family, where above all, the kids are adorable. Thanks to the kindness of Goh-san and Miho-san and their ability to connect people, I was able to participate in tourism, play with the kids, and also take part in parties, events with about 20 people, and even work at a taro farm! I was also happy to cook and share homemade meals that everyone enjoyed. I love the Mizuguchi family, overflowing with happiness and love, and they are my aspiration. I want to watch the children grow, so I'll visit again♡

Reflecting on a Lively 3-Week Stay

I had the pleasure of staying for three weeks. It was truly a joy to spend time as part of a warm and lively extended family! Staying with the Minakuchi family allows you to interact with a wide range of people, from friends' families and their children to adults with various social experiences. Everyone I met there was wonderful, and interacting with them, along with the host, became a very precious experience for me. It was a lot of fun to play with the energetic children and have relaxing conversations with the adults!! I immediately felt at home and can't wait to return!



What payment methods are available?


We basically accept credit card payment.


What is included in the homestay fee?


It’s included a fee for staying, for the service of insulting the manager, interviewing when you match, and tax. Some of the Host is included in food costs.


How many days is the minimum stay? What is the minimum period of stay and how do the rates change depending on the stay?


You can stay from minimum 4 nights and 5 days. Minimum stay differs from host to host, please check each host’s home page for details. Also it refers amount of per day per week. If you wish to stay in a homestay for more than one month, a daily fee will be added to the monthly amount.


Is there a pick-up and drop-off service from the nearest station?


For homestay residences that require transportation, the host will pick you up and drop you off. Details on pick-up and drop-off are listed in the “Location” section of each host’s page.


When can I send a reservation request to the Homestay?


Please send a request at least three months to three days before your desired stay dates. Highly recommend you send a request as early as possible, as reservations tend to increase before a month.


How much will cost for the kids?


Prices for preschool and elementary school students differ depending on the homestay. Please check the “Additional Fees” on each host’s page. If there is no indication of preschool and elementary school student rates in the “Additional Fees” section, the rates are the same as the general rates.


Is it the same room if I’m staying with friends?


It basically going to be the same room. Please check each host page for less expensive rates for two people. However, if two adults request separate rooms, the regular rate per person will be charged.