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  • Native beans, free-range farming, and a 300-year-old house in the deep mountain.

Native beans, free-range farming, and a 300-year-old house in the deep mountain.

Hot spring
Japanese Food
Japanese style house
Local traditional events

It is located in the northeastern part of Ibaraki Prefecture, 20 kilometers from prefectural capital Mito City and 120 kilometers from Tokyo. It seems to have prospered as the center of the region since ancient times, as can be seen from the many ruins and burial mounds. The town is full of history and culture, with various shrine festivals held every 72 years since the Heian period (794-1185).

Nearby is Fukuroda Falls, one of the three most famous waterfalls in Japan, surrounded by majestic wilderness, but where people live is a gentle satoyama where nature and people coexist. about 10 years ago, the area attracted people to start organic farming. There are more and more young business owners who have started their businesses in the last few years.

3 Key Points

1Host’s introduction 
The two of us live here. My husband likes to collect old tools that move by human power and he has a large collection of them. We are good at fixing and building old machines, houses, sheds, etc. We both love the local people. The place for guests to stay is a separate house from the main house.
2You can interact with people like this! 
Organic farmers (vegetables = accepting trainees, grapes, poultry farming), woodworkers, people who have recently started their own business (bakery, employment of physically challenged people, promotion of immigration, small forestry business, creating a system to utilize forests, processors to eliminate food loss, general stores, etc.) Visits to historic sake breweries (depending on the season), local grandfathers (maybe they can teach you how to make soba (buckwheat noodles), straw crafts, or seasonal processed goods? There is a pay for some of these activities. Even if you only want to have tea with them.)
3You can experience like this!
You might can also earn income by organizing events in your fields of expertise: Plus you can experience poultry farming, rice paddies, and fields (mainly bean cultivation).
●If you are interested in DIY, building chicken coops, fencing for goats, building shed walls with bamboo, pruning garden trees, merchandising wild vegetables, tending the garden, making firewood and firewood stoves, etc.
●For those who like to learn, ecological research in the back hills and rice paddies.  
●If you like to cook, cook with organic and naturally grown seasonal ingredients (yuzu, plums, persimmons, chestnuts) and preserved wild vegetables.
●If you are thinking seriously about moving to the countryside and getting a job, you can learn how to grow native species and make tofu with native soybeans.We can provide an example of natural poultry farming, and training for organic farming. We can introduce you to unused tea fields and their owners (with tools). We can introduce you to vacant rice fields as well.

House Rule

Having friends over, Staying out or coming home late at night, Indoor Smoking
Accepting Pets, Indoor Smoking
Pay to have friends over: 3,000 yen/person/day

Host Area

 1 reviews
I was healed by the personalities and the greenery.

We, a family of three with a 6-year-old boy, were in your care for 15 days. The expansive garden, which is unthinkable in Tokyo, the old traditional house only seen in dramas, the small mountains and fields spreading out before us, and the kindness and generosity of Mr. Kita and Mrs. Satoko provided two weeks of healing. My son loves insects, and he would wake up in the morning, grab his insect net to go catch something, and even when he disturbed Mr. Kita doing his morning work, he kindly explained about the insects and lent us an insect guidebook, which was touching. Talking about agricultural products with me, who was born and raised in the countryside of northeastern China, considering how to make miso, and learning about old Japanese tales were all very educational. Teaching my husband, who is interested in farming, about mowing and informing us about moving to the countryside, we are now seriously considering the possibility of moving. Having a dumpling party together, doing a Chinese-style BBQ in the garden, and setting off fireworks not only made it a summer vacation for the kids but also for us adults. Additionally, there was a park nearby where we could play in the river, making it a perfect summer activity. We were truly grateful for your hospitality and had a lot of fun! Thank you! We would love to visit again!



What payment methods are available?


We basically accept credit card payment.


What is included in the homestay fee?


It’s included a fee for staying, for the service of insulting the manager, interviewing when you match, and tax. Some of the Host is included in food costs.


How many days is the minimum stay? What is the minimum period of stay and how do the rates change depending on the stay?


You can stay from minimum 4 nights and 5 days. Minimum stay differs from host to host, please check each host’s home page for details. Also it refers amount of per day per week. If you wish to stay in a homestay for more than one month, a daily fee will be added to the monthly amount.


Is there a pick-up and drop-off service from the nearest station?


For homestay residences that require transportation, the host will pick you up and drop you off. Details on pick-up and drop-off are listed in the “Location” section of each host’s page.


When can I send a reservation request to the Homestay?


Please send a request at least three months to three days before your desired stay dates. Highly recommend you send a request as early as possible, as reservations tend to increase before a month.


How much will cost for the kids?


Prices for preschool and elementary school students differ depending on the homestay. Please check the “Additional Fees” on each host’s page. If there is no indication of preschool and elementary school student rates in the “Additional Fees” section, the rates are the same as the general rates.


Is it the same room if I’m staying with friends?


It basically going to be the same room. Please check each host page for less expensive rates for two people. However, if two adults request separate rooms, the regular rate per person will be charged.