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[Bilingual Homestay]Living with Baby, Dog and Chicken in old house with Japanese and English.

Farm stay
Japanese Food
Japanese style house

Kawai-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun, Nara Prefecture, is an area with beautiful rural scenery and traditional townscapes. Dotted with old houses and historical buildings, the town offers a harmony of quiet life and local culture. Surrounded by Horyu-ji Temple and other temples, the town has a tasteful charm along with its expansive nature. The famous Umami Hillside Park is located nearby.

We live with a married couple, a 6 month old baby and a dog. My husband is American and is good at fixing and building machines, houses, sheds, etc. We also have chickens and work in the fields. We aim to be self-sufficient and make our house like a second family home where everyone, young and old, can say “I’m home“.

3 Key Points

1Host’s introduction 
We are an international married couple from the U.S. and Japan. The wife is from Osaka and the husband is from the rural countryside of the United States. With a baby, a dog, and chickens living together in a lively environment, they are expanding their interaction with foreign volunteers as well.
2You can interact with people like this! 
・We accept foreign volunteers.
・We also have Japanese share mates from time to time.
・You can enjoy casual chats with local people.
・You can also help local farmers in their fields.
・Local children also come to visit us.
3You can experience like this!
We usually take care of the chickens, the dog, the vegetables in the vegetable garden, and the maintenance of the house under renovation, etc. While doing these activities, we can also communicate with my husband, who is a native English speaker, and challenge him in English. I also prune trees, maintain the garden, gather branches and leaves, and make firewood and firewood for the fire.

House Rule

Having friends over, Staying out or coming home late at night, Hosting Friends, Accepting Pets
Indoor Smoking, Outdoor Smoking

Host Area

 1 reviews

I was warmly welcomed by the host family and was able to spend a truly refreshing and fulfilling fun five days. Before going, I was equally excited about what kind of experiences I could have and anxious about whether I could adapt to the unfamiliar environment, but once I got there, I was so stimulated every day that I even forgot I had such anxieties. I had the opportunity to help with the house renovation and farm work, and thanks to the host family kindly and carefully teaching me from scratch how to use tools and how to harvest, I was able to enjoy the experience even though I had no prior experience. The language spoken in the house was almost entirely English, so it was the best environment for me, wanting to learn English. When I didn't understand English, I could communicate in Japanese, so it's a recommended stay for those who want to challenge themselves to speak English. Interacting with the host family's baby was also a lot of fun and very healing. For me, who had gotten used to living hurriedly in the city, spending time sitting on the porch and leisurely watching the chickens was incredibly valuable, and I feel like I gained some peace of mind from my five-day stay. Thank you very much for the precious experience. I look forward to meeting you again. Thank you so much!!



What payment methods are available?


We basically accept credit card payment.


What is included in the homestay fee?


It’s included a fee for staying, for the service of insulting the manager, interviewing when you match, and tax. Some of the Host is included in food costs.


How many days is the minimum stay? What is the minimum period of stay and how do the rates change depending on the stay?


You can stay from minimum 4 nights and 5 days. Minimum stay differs from host to host, please check each host’s home page for details. Also it refers amount of per day per week. If you wish to stay in a homestay for more than one month, a daily fee will be added to the monthly amount.


Is there a pick-up and drop-off service from the nearest station?


For homestay residences that require transportation, the host will pick you up and drop you off. Details on pick-up and drop-off are listed in the “Location” section of each host’s page.


When can I send a reservation request to the Homestay?


Please send a request at least three months to three days before your desired stay dates. Highly recommend you send a request as early as possible, as reservations tend to increase before a month.


How much will cost for the kids?


Prices for preschool and elementary school students differ depending on the homestay. Please check the “Additional Fees” on each host’s page. If there is no indication of preschool and elementary school student rates in the “Additional Fees” section, the rates are the same as the general rates.


Is it the same room if I’m staying with friends?


It basically going to be the same room. Please check each host page for less expensive rates for two people. However, if two adults request separate rooms, the regular rate per person will be charged.