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[Petit-Migrate]Adult and Kids! The house where can feel seasonal nature directly!

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The town’s area is the second largest in Yamagata! Located between the Iide and Asahi mountain ranges, 95% of the town area is rich in nature with beech and oak trees. It is called “White Forest” because of the deep snow and white beech trees. It is a region of heavy snowfall, and the snow that falls on the land creates a variety of life in nature. Rice, wild vegetables, mushrooms, char, nuts, and many more can be harvested. Oguni Town is also famous as the “village of matagi,” a term used to describe the town where the “matagi culture” is still passed down from generation to generation. Oguni Town is a town rich in nature and full of charm, where people have the wisdom to create what they don’t have because of its inconvenient location and heavy snowfall.

I love this town so much that I purposely chose to move deep into the mountains. We want people to experience its charm through our lives. And both husband and wife want to “learn the power of life! and both adults and children play, learn, and live together in a place rich in nature. We would like to cherish the relationships that we have found in our petit immigration, and to live comfortably with each other.

3 Key Points

1Host’s introduction 
Wife: former childcare teacher, currently pregnant with 4th child, loves to read, draw, origami, and sing Loves to process and sell nature's bounty on e-commerce site Experienced cancer in 30s, learning the importance of food and health. Husband: currently working hard as a matagi, charcoal grill, seasonal part-time job, and mountain-related job. My husband loves to drink and is shy but honest with himself. Twin daughters (6) They love drawing, origami, and taking care of the little ones. He is good at jumping rope and takes on many challenges while sweating.
Dog: Bernese Mountain (1) He is a friendly dog who loves people and snow. He is still a baby and is learning how to interact with us. We live a lively life with such a family structure!
2You can interact with people like this! 
You can have casual conversations with local residents, interact with various people in the immigrant community, play with local children, listen to your grandmother's old stories, and be introduced to people from various backgrounds in the town.
3You can experience like this!
●Spring: Cherry blossom viewing, planting, gathering wild vegetables, picking mugwort. ●Summer: Playing in the river, visiting waterfalls, harvesting fields, playing with insects, BBQ, playing with water in the garden.
●Autumn: Potato stew party, picking walnuts, having lunch at Ginkgo square
●Winter: Playing in the snow, snow removal, wakasagi fishing, skiing, snowboarding. ●All year around: Few cars come by so you can freely play in front of the house You can play freely in front of the house as much as you want! There is a river 5 minutes walk from the house! You can sometimes see foxes, raccoons, monkeys, and bears around the house. We are renovating the house by ourselves, you can also experience DIY. You can enjoy our handmade miso and umeboshi (pickled plums) that my husband and I make together. I can take you to a hot spring nearby. I can take you to a nearby hot spring if you want!

House Rule

Having friends over
Staying out or coming home late at night, Hosting Friends, Accepting Pets, Indoor Smoking, Outdoor Smoking

Host Area

 1 reviews
We had a wonderful New Year's celebration together!

This time, for the first time, we used Familyinn and spent 5 days from December 31 to January 4. My wife, two daughters (aged 6 and 2), and I stayed with a host family. For us living in Kansai, experiencing the New Year's celebration in Yamagata's countryside felt very different and was a wonderful experience. We were able to appreciate different values and cultures within Japan itself. The hostess was very attentive and knowledgeable, being a former nursery school teacher, and she was very helpful despite being pregnant. She was so kind, and the children loved her. The food was truly delicious. She cooked a lot for us (^^) The husband had various experiences and jobs unique to snowy regions, from using a wood stove to matagi (traditional hunter) work, allowing us to gain new insights. Their preparation and assistance were very helpful. Drinking together was also fun. Their children were energetic and adorable troublemakers, making it feel like our family had grown. Despite coming from different living environments, they got along well with our children, creating a sense of longing to meet and visit this countryside again. We went on a first visit of the year to a shrine, to hot springs, played in the snow, cooked, and played games together. For us, accustomed to urban life, it was a very good experience and a time of valuable interaction. Thank you very much!



What payment methods are available?


We basically accept credit card payment.


What is included in the homestay fee?


It’s included a fee for staying, for the service of insulting the manager, interviewing when you match, and tax. Some of the Host is included in food costs.


How many days is the minimum stay? What is the minimum period of stay and how do the rates change depending on the stay?


You can stay from minimum 4 nights and 5 days. Minimum stay differs from host to host, please check each host’s home page for details. Also it refers amount of per day per week. If you wish to stay in a homestay for more than one month, a daily fee will be added to the monthly amount.


Is there a pick-up and drop-off service from the nearest station?


For homestay residences that require transportation, the host will pick you up and drop you off. Details on pick-up and drop-off are listed in the “Location” section of each host’s page.


When can I send a reservation request to the Homestay?


Please send a request at least three months to three days before your desired stay dates. Highly recommend you send a request as early as possible, as reservations tend to increase before a month.


How much will cost for the kids?


Prices for preschool and elementary school students differ depending on the homestay. Please check the “Additional Fees” on each host’s page. If there is no indication of preschool and elementary school student rates in the “Additional Fees” section, the rates are the same as the general rates.


Is it the same room if I’m staying with friends?


It basically going to be the same room. Please check each host page for less expensive rates for two people. However, if two adults request separate rooms, the regular rate per person will be charged.