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The hosts near the sea

Here are some hosts where you can stay near the sea.

Check out the host where you can spend your life listening to the sound of the waves!

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Experience Our Showa-Era Café in a Town Where the Setting Sun Comes to a Standstill, in Ehime.

[Near the port] Let’s “Learcation” on a world natural heritage island, Yakushima!

Reuse house with a free range poultry farm and beach house

“Co-Creative” guesthouse, a digital hybrid, slightly luxurious living experience that can be enjoyed in a moderate rural area.

[Beautiful Emerald Sea] Sit back and relax with island life.

150 years old!? Old House still developing between the ocean and the mountain.

Would you like to peek in our Self-Made Fields / Inn / Park / Library?

[Near the Sea] Full of nature with an abundance of greens

[Sea/Mountain/River] Why don’t you become part of our family in Yokooka village?

[Global Experience] Island living in JAP/CH/ENG, beautiful ocean is right in front of us!