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The most beautiful scenery was the kindness of the people.







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Period of stay

4 nights 5 days

About the place

Ibaraki Prefecture

Private room

Host Family's Name

Why did you use Inaka Homestay?

I wanted to travel with my family and friends, and since I had traveled to big cities in Japan many times before, I thought it would be not so interesting, so I searched on Google and found this service. I have always wanted to see the real Japanese lifestyle, and since I prefer the countryside, I thought it would be perfect for us. I have a dream of moving to Japanese countryside in the future. The countryside has beautiful scenery and is less expensive than the city. Macau, where I come from, is very small and there is no place that can be called countryside.

Please tell us your impression of the town and your host.

I stayed in Hitachiota, which is a typical rural area, and the scenery was very beautiful. It might be normal for Japanese people, but compared to the urban area of Macau, where I live, it was refreshing to be able to see things far away.

What was your life during your stay ?

We cooked our own meals and also had meals with our host families. I was also very impressed that they celebrated my child’s birthday by having a cake with everyone. I was also very happy to receive handmade rice balls on the day I left. We also drove with other guests to nearby hot springs and famous bridges. It was very pleasant to take a walk around the area with the kids in the morning. It was a great experience for the children to interact with other children and to interact with animals such as chickens and goats. I thought it was very valuable for the children to go to the countryside.

What was your favorite or most memorable experience?

We didn’t visit many places this time, but the adults were able to spend a relaxing time in the countryside, and the children made friends with other guests’ children and played with them. The children made friends and played with the children of other guests, and the encounters with new people, including other guests, left a lasting impression on me. We had a wonderful time together. It was a perfect stay for me as the Chinese saying goes: “最美的風景是人”-The most beautiful scenery was the kindness of the people.

Did you achieve your goal?

I didn’t have a specific purpose for this trip, but I was hoping to spend a relaxing time with my family. Also, the trip was just when my child turned one year old. While this was the first time for my child to go abroad, I was hoping that it would be an unforgettable memory, and I am very happy that we were able to accomplish that.

Final Thoughts

Although there are other services such as Minpaku(staying at a private home or room) and Airbnb, I think the advantage of homestay at Familyinn is that you can get to know other guests and have a deep connection with your hosts, and I highly recommend it!